Saturday, November 27, 2010

I is a bloggin...

Do you realize how hard it is it think of a blog title these days? Everything I had originally thought of, and loved, was taken. For example...I love "Scribble Scrabble" since most of these will be ramblings. Nope, already taken. Then I thought of using the handy dandy thesaurus for some words that mean writer, and that was either a bust or lacked creativity on my part. Finally, I thought of doing something that described me. Not really in the '3 words or less' sort of way, even though it ended up that way.

Writer: I'm a writer. I write screenplays, extremely long emails, and have written plays in the past. I love writing. I love the process of creating something, stories/characters/feelings. I like to think I'm pretty good at it too. In all honesty, writing this blog is an extension of my writing, a new medium to try. (and depending on how you look at it, self righteous.)
Geek: I love movies and television and books and history; know a lot of random trivia about those things. I grew up on Star Wars and love fantasy like LOTR and Harry Potter (which I've been to 7 out of 9 midnights), even know what House and Patronus I would have. You could argue I'm a nerd. However, in my definition of a nerd and geek, I'm a geek, but nerdy about certain things. The fact that I make that distinction makes me a dork.
Austinite: This word choice is more about personality then it is about location. Yes, I've been in Austin for most of my life, so far 20 out of 30 years, so it's definitely my home. It's also my home because of the type of city Austin is. Yes, it's film oriented, which is my career path, and musical, which is huge in my life, and it's Longhorn country, alumni!; but it's also cultural and open. If you've ever been to Austin, or live here yourself, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

So, that describes the title, and a little bit about myself.
This blog, as stated earlier, is an expression/extension of my writing. A way for me to get things out that are in my head, helping with the writing process that I'm currently involved in. And of course, part of it is a fantasy that people actually care what I have to say. Lots of observations and thoughts on random subjects. I don't really have a clear idea of where this will go, it's an experiment. I hope you're along for the ride.

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