I'm kinda excited, I'm starting to go to concerts again.
I used to go ALL THE TIME when I was in college and just after, but slowed down in the last few years.  It's not that I couldn't go or didn't have the funds, it was more of I didn't have anyone to go with sort of situation.

I can handle doing things on my own, I don't mind it and sometimes prefer it, but in a situation when you're at a concert I like to go with someone.  You're in a crowd of people, true, but you are also by yourself for at least 3 hours, standing by yourself and you can't escape your alone time.  At least at ACL when you're alone it works with your schedule and you can bounce between shows when you want.

Anyways, in the next two/three weeks I'll be seeing two shows.  I know, it's not all that much, but it's a for me as of late.
First up, it's Incubus at the Backyard.  This will be my 7th show in the last 10 years?  I think that's about right, it seems so at least.  I'm going with a friend I want to see my first show with, and it was her last time seeing the band.  This 10 year thing is pretty momentous.  
Next, it's Death Cab for Cutie.  I will be going with a friend of mine.  I've only seen them once, in 07 I believe, but loved the show.  It's one of my top 5 shows.  I wasn't expecting the show that I got, pleasant surprise for sure.

I know people always say "Top 5" for a lot of things, and then end using that for more than 5 examples, so here is mine list.

Top 5 Concerts
1. Muse at ACL 2010
2. Incubus at La Zona Rosa 2007
3. Death Cab for Cutie at The Backyard 2007
4. The Arcade Fire at The Backyard 2011
5. Santana in VA 2010

They all have a great story, they all consist of an amazing show.  Things that make for a great show.


Hanna Soundtrack

This soundtrack is f-ing amazing!  

The movie is awesome, too, and you must go see it.  It's one of those that will evoke different emotions and reactions and reviews from people, but I absolutely loved it!  I mean, it has Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana, Saoirse Ronan and is directed by Joe Wright.  Anyways, you have to see it.

The soundtrack, the movie's score, is composed by The Chemical Brothers.  Oh yeah, they rocked that shet.
Some will argue that it's another example of rock bands becoming film composers, with Trent Reznor and Social Network and Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder and Into The Wild, but TCB did the score for Bones, and that was at least 6 years ago.

I think these songs are brilliantly done.  When they have their attached scenes in the movie, it works perfect for the tone and mood of what Wright is trying to get across; as well as great ass-kicking beats.  The songs also stand on their own.  I've listened to this cd over and over again (on rotation!) and love it more each time.  With each time the movie becomes more of a memory instead of a forefront experience, so the songs are  becoming their own.  Some soundtracks/scores can't be on constant rotation because they bring too much of the movie to mind, and you just want to watch the movie (Interview With The Vampire).  This does not fit into that category.

You can only get the album through iTunes, which is a bit annoying (I love material media).   It's not that expensive for a new release, so that's good.  Either way, it doesn't matter what medium it is released on, you must buy it.  

Go see the movie, then buy this album. 


Mixed CDs

Back in the day they used to be mixed tapes.  They always say love is in the mix tape.  The time is but a changing and tapes have been replaced with cds, but mixes are still the same.

I've received a few mixed cds in my time, each one being of a certain theme.  I've received ones that consist of my friend's favorite songs, or songs that my bro-in-law thinks I need to know (was he so right!), and my favorite being cds put together based on an inside joke.  I have three cds, shit I'm sorry, four cds that revolve around Twilight from my sister.  Hold on a second, don't judge just yet, you don't know what the joke is about.

I was behind on Twilight when it was released, as a novel, but was ahead of the movie craze; my sister had given them to my for Christmas 2007.  I loved the first three as soon as I read them.  Twilight reminded me of my high school crush and the way I used to get all giddy and girly feeling when he's call or we hung out.  With New Moon, I liked Jacob and liked spending time with his character.  For Eclipse, I enjoyed the overall story and conflict that arose throughout the story.  

My views have changed since the initial reading, especially when the movies came out, but I've seen each one several times and even go to the midnight.  It's part of my geekdom, something that's fun to watch but not something I love to analyze.  (Now, if we're talking about Harry Potter...) If I took the time to really get into the stories, I get annoyed.  There are so many things about the stories that make me upset.  Especially the fourth book, I hated that book....

We, however, are not hear to talk about Twilight.  We are here to talk about the inside joke that is from Twilight.  Not long after the craze with the Twi-Hards got into full swing, my sister came across these conversations between two bffs that had made-up dialogue between Edward and Emmitt.  These conversations were Hilarious!  They made Emmitt a typical frat boy and Edward a stick in the mud.  It was awesome.  From this, my sister made me one of my favorite birthday presents: Twilight inspired mixed cds that take place during the book New Moon.

Bella: her cd is full of heartbreaking love songs.
Edward: his cd is full of heartbreaking love lorn songs.
Jacob: all the best I'm-in-love-with-my-best-friend songs fill his cd (and is my favorite).
Emmitt: it was suppose to be a "Reunited, and it feels so good" sort of cd that Edward made Bella....but Emmitt got a hold of it and re-recorded it with all early 90s rap songs.  (this cd is just fun to listen to)

It's more about what the cds and songs meaning that make me love these mixes so much.  Jacob's album is really really good, but there are times when you can't help but picture Jacob alone in his room pining over Bella.  These cds mean a lot cause my sister took a lot of time to put all of these together, carefully placing each song in a good order and finding the perfect song to go on each one.   It's totally awesome.

Its things like these, the things that people spend the time to make for one another, that really mean the world to me.  Maybe I'm too sentimental and mushy, but I love thoughtful gifts.  I take gift giving pretty serious, and buy each gift especially for that person and with care on the item itself.  I'm not saying all my gifts received have to be like this, but when they are it's even better.

Mixed cds, in my opinion, are the best way to express this meaningfulness but also to add a touch of individuality from the giver.  Music is a very personal thing.  Some people are attracted to certain songs while others could care less; some know music that others haven't been exposed to.  I've become aware of some amazing bands from mixed cds, new and old.  Even though I believe they are so awesome, I don't think they are used as much as they should be.

I'm not saying I'm due for a cd, but if you happen to be in the mood...


 SXSW Music

As mentioned before, I didn't get a chance to check out as much music as I wanted to during SXSW, but I did leave with a few new bands nonetheless.

The first band is Young Empires.  I saw them play with my bff, and instantly loved them.  They are from Toronto (bonus that they are Canadian) and play a modern 80s electronic music.  

Okay, so first off, I'm really bad at describing music.  Like really bad at it.  I don't know why, I just am.  You would think it'd be different since I'm sort of exposed to a lot of music with my city and friends of choice, but that is one area I have failed.

Anyways, Young Empires had an amazing show.  The lead singer was so energetic!  It was in the middle of the day, free show, at an unusual venue...yet they killed!  I can't wait to listen to their CD over and over again and eventually see live shows.  This is the band that I'm super excited to be new fans of.

The second band was one that I didn't actually see, but they are Humans.  I saw one of their videos, that was premiered at the festival, and ended up having a conversation with one of the band members (assuming the singer) after a showing of the video.  

We ended up interviewing them for our segments and began talking to him afterwards.  I found out they are from Vancouver (Canadian! YEA!), so you know we talked quite a bit on that subject.  At the end of the conversation he gave me a CD, and I love it!  I've listened to it over and over already, and think this will be one of my many repeat go to CDs.  I will be keeping a keen eye out for their tour dates cause I need to see them!

The last band, or singer, was someone I met while out and through my bff.  No idea what type of music he sang, besides singing in Spanish (from TJ Mexico).  On the last night of SXSW partying, he gave me his CD and I have listened to it.

I really do like it.  It's not one that I can put on repeat all the time, but it is one that I can listen to more than once.  It also helps that he's a really great person and enjoyed my time out with him.  His name, and band, is Orlando.  

It's great when you think about how I can across these musicians.  They were all unique in their exposure, but exactly what you'd except from SXSW.  I guess I lucked out in the end.


I love listening to new music.  However, I'm the worst about finding about new music.

I don't listen to the radio, I can't stand the DJs.  I just want to hear music in my drive, not some person who's talking about things I could care less about.  I listen to my cds, yep still have cds, in my car.  Or I listen to my iPod when I'm going on a trip.  Either way, I'm surrounded by music I already know and love.

I get new music from my friends.  One of the many benefits of having very musical friends.
Some of the music they have passed my way:
The XX
The Fratelli's
Kaki King
Everything But the Girl
The Arcade Fire
The Mars Volta

I could go on and on.
I have yet been told about something that I ended up not liking.  Guess I just have the same taste in music as my friends,  which makes sense.
Or they just know what good music is.