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I've been lucky enough to be hired as a writer for the awesome online magazine, Austin Fusion Magazine.  I will use this page to write tidbits and awesome material that I did not have enough space in my article to include.  A perfect companion piece for my articles.  Enjoy...


Chris Hardwick

 I had such an amazing time on this interview.  Due to scheduling issues, I wasn't able to interview him in person, but we did conduct it over the phone.  We talked for about 45 mins, and it was great.  He is a great person, and I immediately became comfortable when I realized we were just two people having a conversation.  There were a lot of different parts of the conversation that were epic, but this is my favorite.

We were talking about the differences between geek, dork, and nerd.  After giving him my definition, he said this:
Hardwick: “If you go to a screening of Once More with Feeling, you’re geeking out on it.  If you go into the history of the Buffy-verse that lead up to Once More with Feelings, then you’re nerding out on that.  And if you start performing songs from Once More with Feelings in public, then you’re dorking on it."



I've known these guys for over 8 years, and they have always been such a great group of guys.  I consider them all my dear friends.  I've only missed a  small portion of their shows, considering the total number of shows.  They are amazing, great great band!  I was excited about interviewing them for the magazine, I knew it was going to be a great article, but I wasn't expecting what happened.

Just because I've interviewed Hardwick, who I admire and feel a kinship to, I can't fully say SLB was my favorite interview, it's close, super close, but it's my best interview.  I knew the boys would feel comfortable with me and open up a lot, but they were amazing.  I got to know them more than expected and I feel more connected to them now.  I got to see into the band's brain and what they see for themselves in the future.  I can't wait to see them reach their goals, I know they will.

When asked about playing old songs, they all had great responses, but Patrick's was interesting:
Patrick: "Our musical prowless has changed, that’s the only thing that would stop us from playing these songs.  If a song was written at a time when you were musical inept, what you could only do, you realize you confined youself by what you could play.  When you go back to a song that makes you feel that way, it’s hard to play a song like that."

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