Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moontower Recap

Man, I had such an amazing time this past weekend at the Moontower Comedy and Oddity festival.  It was a great festival for a newbie.  Things were smoothly run, and if there were any issues, they were fixed the next day.  That says something about the staff and how much they care about their participants and performers.

In the course of 4 days I saw some awesome comedians: Jackie Kashian, Chelsea Peretti, Aziz Ansari, Moshe Kasher, Maria Bamford, TX Artist: Paul Varghese, JR Brow, Mike MacRae, Bob Biggerstaff, John Ramsey, 
John Tole, Matt Bearden, Aaron Aryanpur, and Chase Durousseau, John Mulaney, JB Smoove, Theme Park with Oscar Nunez, Janet Varney, Jessica Makinson, Cole Stratton with Special Guest Laraine Newman, and finally the a showcase with Rachel Feinstein, Joe Mande, Chelsea Peretti, Brody Stevens, Brendon Walsh, Sean Patton.

Lots of comedians, lots of different styles, and lots of laughs.
My favorites are Aziz, Moshe, John.  It was amazing to see Maria at work.  She gets so involved and into her characters when she's performing, it's fascinating to watch her work.  It was cool to see JB, I'm not familiar with his standup, so it was interesting to see his style.  We got a chance to talk to Janet, and will be posted our conversation on the 10th to coordinate with the Austin Fusion Magazine Moontower article, and she was so sweet and very friendly.

I hope we're able to continue covering this festival throughout it's growth.  Even though there are quite a few famous comedians, and some that are big in the comedy community (us comedy nerds know them), the festival was very calm and laid back.  We were able to get into the artist/badge lounge each day, and so did the comics.  They were relaxed and open to conversation.  I didn't go up to any (which I would of talked to Marc Maron), but it was cool to know they were there if you wanted to.   Then again, comics are friendly.

Such a great time.  I was sad to see the festival end.  I can't wait to see what happens next year, and especially see the line up.

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