Thursday, January 5, 2012


Happy New Year!
I can't believe it's already 2012. Time seems to be going faster and faster as the years go by. I can't say I'm sad to see 2011 go, but I wasn't happy for it's quickness either.

2011 for me was a year of some very low lows, and some equally high highs.
It's funny how life can tend to do that. Maybe it does that on purpose, balancing out your existence and experiences to help in shaping a well-rounded human being. Or maybe things just happened to happen that way.

2011 set up a very interesting 2012. I know that this year will bring, going to stay positive, some of my best moments. I can feel them coming. I know that this will be the year that things really start growing within my career. 2011 did a good job with dropping some varied projects into my lap, of which I'm stoked! Yet, at the same time, whether I want to admit it or not, I'm afraid that this year might also be the hardest moments of my life. I want to stay positive and think that things will sustain, but I can't be selfish. So again, highs and lows are what is for seen in 2012.

With the shift that my life seems to be gravitating towards in 2012, I feel calm about things. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe more good than bad will occur this year. Maybe it's my avoidance of reality that's kicking in. Maybe it'll be a year of acceptance as well as advancement.

I'm trying not to picture the year, or whatever time increment you want to use, is a positive or negative light, instead I'm focusing on taking things as they happen. It's not that the universe is for or against me, things just happen. Instead of focusing on what will happen, I just need to focus on my present and make sure that I'm happy and doing what I can, when I can.

That is my resolution, after all. To steal Chris Hardwick's line from "The Nerdist Way" (you should pick it up, fa sho!); Don't be a pawn for the darkness. It's a good life philosophy, but one step at a time.
I want to be a better person. Not that I think I'm a horrible person, cause I'm pretty rad, but there is always areas of my life that need to be worked on. All of us have those areas, so why not make a conscience effort to evolve.

Life is evolving everyday, from new career paths to a change in family. The only way you can experience the fullness of life to absorb everything, let it breath within your bones, and then incorporate it into your being. This seems like it would be the logical thing to do, however we tend to let our emotions take control over our thoughts and effect how we react. I'm a very emotional person, sometimes a person who relies on emotional contact, so not making it about my emotions is going to be a challenge. Instead, for every bad thing that makes me want to hide under my blanket for a week, I'm going to focus on the good in my life. It's all about balance.

A life of balance. That's not a bad resolution/goal to strive for either in 2012. I hope I'm able to attain/stick with my resolutions.
It's a new year, anything is possible.

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