Friday, April 27, 2012

Laughter is the best medicine.

Oh, so true.
It's been such a great few days with the Moontower Comedy festival.  We have seen some great acts; Jackie Kashian, Aziz Ansari, Moshe Kasher, Maria Bamford, and some good old Texas boys (Paul Varghese, Jr Brown, Mike MacRae, Bob Biggerstaff, John Ramse, John Tole, Chase Durousseau, Maat Bearden, and Aaron Aryampur).

That's one of the cool things about a festival like this.  With so much going on, while it can  be intimidating, you always have options and they are always good.
Yesterday we got out late from the Moshe/Maria show, and there wasn't anything we really could  make, except Texas Stew.  We knew we wanted to cover a local show, with local acts, just didn't know which one.  Man, it was awesome.

It was a rapid fire of comics and bits.  You were exposed to their comedy, and aware of who they are.  It's the beautiful by product of festivals.

I also mentioned yesterday that the festival had some growing pains.  They tackled those issues, being aware of what they were, and corrected them for the next day.  Pretty impressive.  Then again, when you're in a city that has a festival about every 2 months, you are familiar with how best to fix things.  Well done, Moontower, well done.

Today we have our first interview, with Janet Varney.  Looking forward to meeting her and getting an insight into her comic brain.  That's one of the coolest things about comics, they are so friendly and talkative.  I very much enjoy having conversations with comedians.  I hope I can have several throughout the rest of the festival.

For our scheduled shows, whatever happens.  We all have shows we want to see, so we'll let the night shape the road for us.  No matter what happens, it's going to be awesome.

I heart comedy.

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