Thursday, February 24, 2011

William Goldman is amazing.

I had come to this conclusion when I was reading his screenwriting books, but now I believe he's the most amazing person ever to write a story.

Like most children of the 80s, I loved The Princess Bride with all my heart. One of my all time favorite movies. You couldn't ask for anything better: true love, adventure, suspense, revenge, action... After way to long, I finally got the book The Princess Bride, S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure.

Goldman goes on to tell you that he's just doing an abridge for the original classic tale, which is based on real events centuries ago. He tells the story, then cuts in when he talks about he omitted from the original story and why. He sets up this elaborate fictional place and situations that has happened to him because of this book. I totally bought it. I was right there, connecting to how much something small can mean the world to you in your life. I was excited about the sequel Buttercup's Baby and searched for it online.

Was I shocked, and didn't believe it at first, that S. Morgenstern and that whole elaborate story was fake. S. Morgenstern is a pen name for William Goldman, and he made up everything; the story itself and his experiences too.

Instead of being embarrassed that I feel for it, and that I had talked to people about it, I was floored and in love with Goldman's story telling. Only a great storyteller could make up something so real, so personal, that you're wanting more even though you know it's fake.

It's true, the history and lore behind The Princess Bride makes this story even better and more amazing. It adds a level of romanticism that wasn't there before. You get transported to this fictional world, a world where these people really existed. It's a beautiful feeling.

So, even though I was fooled, I was fooled by the best. If you ever get a chance to read The Princess Bride, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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