Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SXSW 2011

I was all set to rock the free shows and parties and stick it to the man who thinks they can turn my laid back Austin into a pretentious wasteland. Then I got a badge through work.

I promise not to be a douche-badger, and I won't look down on those who don't have badges. S**t, I'm even lucky to have one (thanks wonderful boss lady of mine), and I'm the only one in my group, including family that's coming up for the music portion, to have a badge. I still plan on taking full advantage of the free shows and experiencing the beauty of Austin.

I also can't lie, I'm really excited about having a badge. One of my bffs is coming into town and it's exciting to know that I will actually get to go with him to a show and spend time with him (not that we won't meet up anyway outside shows). It's also exciting thinking that I might actually be able to see some of my favorite comedians.

However, it won't be as fun doing all of this by myself. Minus the bff, of course.

The badge was received for a reason, and I will be working during the week. I will help my boss and another co-worker interview multiple people who have influenced the Latin community in their respected jobs/industry.
As you know, the Latin community is rapidly growing and there are more things being targeted to them, not to mention the shift from traditional lifestyle to a modern living.
Being a Latin myself, and a writer who have all her characters as Latino, I'm looking forward to interviewing and meeting the people who have paved the way, forged ahead, in this ever changing society.

I'm sure we'll also cover fitness and martial arts, since those are equally important in our line of work, so the week should be filled with many new adventures.

(And it's going to be really cool if I can get into some of the podcast tapings.)

Keep an eye out for updates, hopefully during but most likely after, for events to keep eye out for. And if you're really interested, you can follow me on Twitter at: @lmmskipper

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