Friday, January 7, 2011

Road Trip

Maybe not. Would traveling for a family wedding be considered a road trip? I mean, technically it is. I'm leaving my city of residence to go to another city for an event. Granted, the city if full of family members and not really the place you want to go for a vacation, cause I'm going to Brownsville.

Yep, the southern most point in Texas. A very interesting place, if you've never been there. However, if you've went to college in Texas I'm pretty sure you have a Spring Break story, or two, from your time on South Padre Island.

Anyways, not the point.
I'm going on this glorious road trip for my dear cousin's wedding. I'm really happy for her! I've met the guy, and I like him. I got a good vibe from him, and I know he'll take care of her. They came up to Austin the weekend they became engaged, so I was one of the first to know. I feel like because of that I have a special place in their marriage. Or maybe it has nothing to do with me and the fact that I live in a really cool city, and he also has family here.

I've made the trip to Bville, as I like to call it, many many times. The trip is tedious and long, but at the same time it's eye opening. I travel half way through the state of Texas, and during those 6 or so hours you see quite a few landscapes pass through your window. When we went down for my other cousin's bridal shower in April the wild flowers were unbelievable! It was as if Pollock used the ground as his canvas. The winters, I mean "winters," are interesting too cause up in Central Texas you actually have colored leaves or trees with no leaves, but towards The Valley you still have a pretty lush landscape. Take fore example this weekend. It's going to be around 80 in Bville, while in Austin we're getting a cold front that will take us from 72 to 51. Makes for interesting packing. (although, who am i kidding. i always over pack)

What makes this trip even more interesting, I'm going to be listening to my beloved podcasts on the way down. This will be the first time my mom will get to listen to and understand why I randomly crack up laughing at work. (We work together, obviously, for the school district, and with teachers coming and going all the time I listen to the podcasts on headphones. The language isn't proper for school, or work in general.)

My mom's pretty cool, and has a wide sense of humor. My sister and I have exposed her to quite a lot of random things over the years. One of my best memories is when my sister came home for Christmas after she moved, the three of us went to see Napoleon Dynamite and my mom laughed harder than both my sister and I. I have high hopes that she'll find amusement out of the podcasts, but I doubt she'll see it as funny as my sister and I do. Then again, I'm used to that.

Back to the wedding. I'm really looking forward to seeing my family this weekend. As you get older you realize just how awesome it is to have close family. I have a huge family (Mom's the middle of 9 and Dad's the oldest of 12), and we are all different, but we all have fun together. I'm closer to my mom's family, and am excited to have dinner party at my newly (well, summer) married cousin. It'll be really nice to see my dad's family at the wedding. It's a rarity that all the Mejia's are together, so this will be nice. It'll be interesting, that's for sure, but nice. The Mejias (and Walkers) know how to put on a good party!

Congratulations Ali! I wish you all the best. Love you!!

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