Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter is finally here.

I love winter. It's my favorite season. It's the perfect cuddle under a blanket and watch movies/tv weather. I have an excuse to do what I already love doing. It's interesting to think that winter is still my favorite season, I do live in Texas after all. Our winters are like 2 weeks long. The most beautiful season to be in Central Texas is the spring. The wild flowers are an amazing sight. I won't even discuss our summers. For living in a place that goes from hot to hotter to warm to freezing to warm and so on pretty quickly, I'm a minority in my cold weather love.

I remember when I was in college (one of my favorite stories from that time, actually) and we would take breaks during our production classes, my friends and I would go outside in the Communications quad and talk. During the cold weeks I would get super hyper (I still do) and bounce around and be even sillier/happier than I normally am. My bff would be wrapping his arms around his body as if his torso was about to launch, giving me the stinkiest stink eye. He, like many that I know, hate cold weather. I still think about that when I'm bouncing around in the cold, thinking of that stink eye.

I like to think it's because I was born in the cold region. I believe I was even born during a blizzard in Cheyenne WY. I then lived in both NE and NJ before settling in TX. Okay, so I was only a 'northerner' for 9 years of my life, but I still like to believe I am holding strong to that cold bone in my body.

When you're that age winter is the fun time. Sledding in snow is one of the funniest things to do as a child. When I lived on a golf course (military housing) we used to use the sand traps and slides for the sleds. So much fun. I got out of there before I had to do snow chores, so that too could be a big part of it. Maybe it's because I tend to run warmer than most, in the sense of a warm body instead of a fever warm, and I'm more comfortable when my body is doubling in heat. Or it could be that I'm a January baby. I had always wanted a pool party for my birthday, but couldn't (although, there are some cases when I technically could cause it's not nearly January cold) and I embraced the cold and my chosen season.

Whatever the reason, whatever the excuse, I love cold weather. My love has grown in the last few years, too, due to my new interest in crochetting and jackets. For example, I'm wearing a pair of fingerless gloves that I made. Putting to use what you have made always makes me feel accomplished. Hey, I'm a girl. I'm sorta into fashion.
Either way, I'm happy its 40 degrees outside. I either wish I was bouncing around outside with friends while they glare at me, or wrapped in a blanket browsing through Netflix's Instant collection.

PS: The wedding was amazing! My cousin looked gorgeous, and the wedding itself was beautiful. I'll write about it soon. I've been too lazy to sit down and write a long entry about my weekend. I will though, don't worry.

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