Friday, August 19, 2011

The First Week of School

There are a few things that I really enjoy about my day job. You could even call them perks. I can relearn and study up on history, refreshing my knowledge. I can also read stories and books that I might have never read, or reread some of my favorites. I also can challenge my memory on whether or not I remember the correct Algebra equation to answer the problem.

One of my favorites though, is the questionnaire they give at the beginning of school so the teacher can get to know the students. This is a very personal perk. I don't know what it is, but I love filling out questionnaires or quizzes about myself. I always have, I used to fill them out in the teen magazines of my youth. I'm sure there's some deep rooted answer to this, or the simple on of narcissism. Either way, I have fun with them.

So, to fulfill the narcissistic element of myself, I will fill out one that was handed to our 5th grader. I'll do just one, because otherwise I won't get anything done.

My family: I have an amazing mom, a strong father, a heroic brother, and a creative sister. All of which are amazing! I also have a step-mom, awesome in-laws, and a niece and nephew I love more than myself.

My birthday, birthplace and places I have lived: Being from a military background this is a fun question. I was born in Cheyenne Wy on January 31 at Fort Warren Air Force base. I have also lived in Omaha NB and Eatontown NJ, and McAllen TX for a while.

My hobbies, talents, pets, sports, and other interests: I like to make jewelry and write screenplays in my spare time, as well as paint and make cards and scrapbooks. Pretty much anything you can do with your hands, I can do. I'm a pretty creative person. At the moment I don't have any pets, but we are in the market for one. It's been a while since we've had a pet in the house, and I'm beginning to miss my furry companion. I love playing volleyball, pool party/beach v-ball is my favorite summer activity. I'm also getting really into kickboxing, and have branched out (slightly at the moment) into martial arts. I love reading books and watching movies/TV, spending time with my friends and family, having a wonderful conversation over a beverage...

The most interesting experience of my life: I've had some awesome experiences in my life. I've been able to travel to several places in the states, and out of country. I've had the crazy nights with my friends, in city and out of city. I've had the monumental concert experiences, seen some awesome bands. But, if I had to pick one to talk about, I'll discuss my 30th birthday.
It started with the spending a day in Fredricksburg with my dad and having a great time just being together, being close, being a father-daughter team. Then, the night before I left for my trip, my friends threw me a dinner/drinks party at a wine bar. All of the IC was there, even a bff from out of state flew in just to see me. They all made me bday cards, which is something I always do for them. Then, I went to see my sister and bro-in-law in WA and we spent the weekend in Vancouver Canada. Not a bad way to start off your 30s, not at all.

My best memory from past years: I have a lot of great memories from my youth. Most of them include my brother. However, I'll say one that involves my sister, to show her that I don't just think of how mean she was to me. I was 13, I believe, and Interview with the Vampire was soon to be released in theaters. Of course I couldn't get in on my own, and my mom wasn't going to take me for she hates 'horror' films (that has since changed). My sister offered to take me, on one condition. The condition being that I had to read the book before I saw the movie. I think I complained at first, I wasn't ever a big reader when I was younger, but I did it for the movie. I loved the book! It also started me wanting to read the books (usually before) I see a movie adaptation. Anyways, I remember going with my sister and her bff (who they are still friends, and who I hang out with from time to time and view as a sister) in the bffs red Chevy Beretta to Northcross Mall. One of the times when my sister let me hang out with her and her friends when I was younger, and had a great time (and loved the movie).

My favorite school subjects: I love History and English. My favorite classes in college were Gothic English, Military History, Vampires in Eastern Europe, and Narration in World Cinema.

My favorite books, foods, movie, and TV shows: Books would be Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games. Foods would be Mom's home cooking, Asian, and really good hamburgers. Movies would be Casablanca, Millions (Danny Boyle), Fifth Element (Luc Besson), Talk to Her (Almodovar)... My favorite TV shows would be Buffy, White Collar, SOA, The Shield (am going to start The Wire so chill), Extras...

My plans for the future: My main plan for the future is to be happy. I know it sounds lame and a cop out, but it's true. As long as I continue to make choices that make me happy, then I'm set. Sure I want to work in the industry and direct a script of mine and continuing writing, but that's stuff that makes me happy. I want to spend time with my loved ones and stay close, but that fills my heart with love. I would like to have a family one day, but that'll come when I finally meet my Mr. Darcy and makes me happy. It all comes down to being happy with where you are and who you are. Everything else is just details.

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