Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ACL 2011

Well, I made it, once more, through the crazy weekend known as Austin City Limits Festival. 3 days of music, weird Texas weather, and good friends. It's really an amazing part of my year, and I can't imagine not going.

I have now been 5 years in a row. Each year is different in it's line-up and personal atmosphere. For example, last year was a solitary year with indie bands I heard about from my bro-in-law, and this year was hanging with different groups of friends and exploration of new music. Each year I have more and more fun, each year I hear more and more awesome bands.

This year, though, I think I'm going to go something about the new music. I've only bough records one other year, and those are some of my favs! This year, I will get an album of one new band for each of the days. 3 new albums: Friday=Santigold, Saturday=Cut Copy, Sunday=Elbow.
I have also realized that my favorite types of shows to see at ACL, besides my favorite bands obviously, are the DJ/electronic sets. Something about dancing around to random yet manicured beats in the heat is awesome.

My Friday this year was spent with my friend from Houston. We haven't seen each other since she moved up there, a year ago, and it was awesome to spend all day with her. Not only do we totally get along, but there is this connection that the two of us have. For not really hanging out or talking all that much, and that our friendship is sorta new, it's pretty freaking awesome.
Saturday was spent bouncing between my groups of friends. I saw some great bands, not really having a schedule, it wasn't too crazy. I was able to see Stevie Wonder, who was amazing. I didn't stay the entire show, though. Not that I didn't want to, but I did want to rest up for Sunday and at the end of the night I was a bit tired of everyone. (more on that later)
Sunday was a day with the besties. For the second year in a row, my boys came on Sunday. I love my boys, and we had a good time checking out everyone's music choice, and everything worked out schedule wise. We also had a friend with us who had never been at ACL. This was her first day, ever. It was pretty awesome. I'm glad I got to be her host and show her how awesome it is. I am a bit of an old pro, so I of course had her try The Mighty Cone!

Okay, so people on Saturday.
The only real designated spots they have for the audience is where you can and cannot take your chairs. Other than that, it's open season. There are no designated walk ways or blanket only areas. People were just getting so upset if someone walked in front of them in the crowd. Where else are we suppose to go? Seriously, you're at an outdoor festival, where there are a good 60,000-80,000 people. I'm sorry in my attempt to get out of the ridiculous crowd I stepped on your blanket on the ground! Where were my Austinites at?

With that minor mishap, I had a great time. It's a place where you can go for 3 days, listen to good music, maybe meet up with people maybe not, and just there. You can kind of check out from time to time, and that isolation while being in a crowd is nice.

Now I get to prepare for the Austin Film Festival. Yes!

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