Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Idris Elba Day!

That's what I'm officially declaring today. Why, you ask, because Luther is back! Season 2 airs on BBC America tonight and I can't wait. I'm evening having a dinner party to watch it with other fans...Okay so it's me and my in-laws but whatever.

The first season was amazing. My sis-in-law turned me on to it, and I watched all 6 episodes pretty much back to back on Netflix. That's a lot to get through. In the sense that it's not the easiest show to watch because of the dark subject matter and emotional roller coaster you end up going on. But I think it's also the best way to watch the show. You are so involved with the characters that you want to know immediately what happens to them. The only problem, when you're done you're at a loss for the show. I'm also excited to watch it as a serial and watch it week to week. Real time viewing (minus the fact that it already aired in England).

I won't spoil anything because I hate doing that, and you need to watch it, but I can't even imagine what's going to happen this season, where it's going to go.
The unthinkable happened last year (which was dealt with nicely) and I don't know if he can come back from that. All of those involved, crazy different backgrounds, but all in this together...What! So amazing.

The next question is about his co-workers. What is that dynamic going to be like. There was this fantastic evolution with several co-workers, you wonder if it's going to fold into itself. How much do they know about each other, how much will they question authority and do what they think is right.

Oh, and then there's always Alice. I really hope she stays one of the main focuses. However, with this new season, will they continue with her being the "Big Bad" or bring in something/one new? They could go the typical serial type and have each season (he just signed on for a 3rd!!) have a new focus, or they could just stay on track and continue from what they left off on. There is definitely enough story and subplots to continue on the same road.

Man, so many questions.
I love good TV!

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