Friday, September 30, 2011

The Flood Gates Have Opened

It seemed to come out of nowhere, really, but I have not been able to stop coming up and participating in creative ventures.

If it's designing jewelry, composing mixed cds, crocheting various projects, making a wedding card box, or working on my scripts. Out of the elements named, I'm only NOT doing one. And even then I'm still trying to find my Sparkly.

My Sparkly. Do you remember the movie "Secret of NIMH"? I LOVE this movie. It's one of my childhood favorites, one that was missed by the masses but should not have been. One that I have also shared with my niece (even though I don't think she loved/loves it as much as I did/do). I am putting together my outfit for my dear, dear friend's wedding in a few weeks. I am planning on wearing red shoes and want the amulet from that movie, or something similar, to wear with my planned jewelry. Charcoal colored dress, red shoes, cultured pearls with a red amulet. It's going to be awesome. Classic with a hint of wild. Anyways, I've been looking for a red pendant that could pass as the amulet to attach to the strand of pearls I already bought. So far, sadly, not too much luck. But, I have a few more places to check out. I don't know what I'll do if can't find out. Na, I'll probably make it.

Okay, so my little cousin is turning 1. In order to save the surprise in case his parents read this, I'll just leave it at that, I'm composing cds for his bday. Yep, cds, plural, as in two. =)

Crocheting, also for gifts. One dealing with the cousin above, which if I can make the plans in my head come to life, it's going to be awesome! I also made a stuffed bear for a friend's kid's first bday. (Lots of baby's turning one!) I also have future projects that I'm starting to plan and am itching to do. Have to finish the little one's first!

My dear, dear friends asked me (or the bride technically did) to make a box to hold all the wedding cards at the wedding. You know, one place to put the cards instead of on other presents and risk losing them. Anyways, I have almost everything I need, and just need to make a pattern and follow through with everything. Again, this is one that the plan is in my head and I'm hoping beyond hope it's as easy as I see it. I told some other IC members about it, and they were a little shocked at how much is involved. Although, they weren't surprised. If you ask me to make something for you, I don't hold back. Especially for people who are so near and dear. I definitely make things with love.

Finally, my script. I've started another one. Yes, I know I need to do a second draft of the summer one, but I couldn't stop thinking about this one. (So what if I'm casting in my head before it's even written.) I sort of jumped right into it without writing a treatment. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. My mind is full of ideas and scenes and the direction of the story, so writing, when I get to it, flows pretty easy. It's fun to be writing like that again. I really do like creating a world for these characters and see what happens. It's like you have this shell of people, fill them with a juicy center, then drop them into the Colosseum and see what happens.

It's fun to be overflowing with creative energy. It truly does make me happy.

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