Thursday, April 26, 2012

If tonight is anything like last night...

it's going to be amazing.

It's so fun being apart of a festival, especially like Moontower.  It's one of those festivals that you know people are there  because they really enjoy the shows they are seeing.  It's like going to a comic con, or any con, in the sense that are you surrounded by liked minded people.

Although, since there are some pretty big names headlining the festival and they are on big networks, you also get the audience members who just know these actors/stand-ups from those shows.  A lot of the times the actor is not the same as the stand-up. 

I also noticed that your topics of conversation tend to revolve around the festival itself.  I never realized this before because I'm such a film nerd that I'm always talking about films.  Granted, I talk a lot about comedy as well, but that's besides the point.  I noticed that last night my conversations were about what comics we liked, what bits where our favorite, even which comics we've seen (which oddly enough sounded like I was bragging).  It makes complete sense though, you talk about what's around you.

So far my experience at the festival has been nice.  It's hard to have an entire feel for the festival after only one show, and you also have to take into consideration that they are going to have growing pains that every first year festival goes through.  Above it all though, I'm excited to be a part of it.

Tonight promises to be just as awesome, maybe even more so.  I have an idea of what to see, as my OCD organized person likes, but I'm also leaving it up to whatever strikes my fancy at the crucial decision time.  That's a brilliant element of a festival, and also their downfall, so many choices!

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