Monday, March 28, 2011

If I'm a writer, I need to write

I love to write. I love making up stories and characters and submerging into this new world. I love the process of writing ideas in my head down "on paper" and seeing something come to life. I kind of even love the physical activity of writing, be it on paper or on the computer. I do think of writing and scripts and stories all the time, at least multiple times a day if I don't wake up thinking about it. I'm a writer.

Then, blood hell, I need to write.
There are so many excuses that I come up with for why I am neglecting my talent and love. Anything from catching up on television programs, to visiting with family, to my social life, to listening to podcasts, to just being lazy. I started this blog to have an outlet to write and get back in the mindset so I can tackle my script(s) head on and knock them out. I have failed.

After SXSW (which was amazing!) I decided to change this, yet once again, I've failed to fulfill the idea in my head. I'm determined to change that and finally take my resolutions by the horns and actually write. So, here it is. I vow to write at least two posts a day. One main one, and the other on one of the various pages I have set up. I also need to really focus on my script, which I really do love and really want to bring to life. That, however, is another subject all together.

I'm not even sure if anyone reads this. Okay, I take that back. I do know of at least one person, and amazing lady, that does read this (Thanks!) and I want to make sure I have new content for her as well. It helps my laziness if I know there are people who are waiting to know what's in my brain. Wow, that was a bit conceded, I'm sorry.

So, yeah. Two posts a day. I hope I can continue with this trend for a while and that I really kick up on my writing profession. What is that saying, if you want to be someone, call yourself that profession and you are one? I totally butchered that. Example, if you want to be writer, start calling yourself a writer. Well, I got that part down...I just need to start writing.

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