Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pitter patter goes my geek heart.

I think this is like the 5th time I've used geek heart in a social medium. (Someone is of the techie age.) Honestly, though, it's the perfect way to describe what I'm feeling. It's common place to thoroughly think about something before you write it, but I can't do that tonight. Geek Heart is too excited.

The night, no afternoon, started off with hearing from my boss that she could get me on the VIP list for the official Paul party, and wanted to see if I was interested. I actually had to think about it; in the sense that I would be spending less time visiting with my dad if I did. Even he was excited for me to go, and pretty much ushered me along. So, I ended up on the list, with my friend and sister-in-law's sister-in-law in tow. This slight hesitation seems completely out of character. Does this mean I'm going up? Ugh, I'd rather not think about it. What matters is I had a great day with my dad, and a great night out.

At the party we tried to do a little press, but they didn't let any photo gear into the part. That party was a Fail, but the win was just around the corner with our entrance into the venue. We enjoyed ourselves and have a good time. Some business was taken care of, as you do at SXSW, and also running into random friends, as you do when out and about, and the party was a blast.

After the several hours of just pure entertainment, the crew realized that we had a big day tomorrow, we all decided to head home. I tried to see if I could meet up with my sister-in-law who left about 30 minutes earlier to try to get into the premiere of the film. I ended up meeting her at the Paramount, and being able to GET INTO THE FILM.

Okay, side note. Yes, I did stay around the party, in which none of the cast was there, instead of going to see some of my favorite people in 3-D. Hey, though...there were some very famous directors at the party, that I didn't go and talk to. I know. It's confusing. I am such a fan, such a nerd, that I'm afraid of being a lame idiot when I meet these people and I end up not approaching them. They get approached so many times by so many people, I don't want to fall into the "You're the thousandth person today to ask me that" category. I have a question that I want to ask Simon Pegg, one that I think would spark a conversation. One in which we'll talk all night... A girl can dream.
Back to the story.
We were rushing to our seats, in the nose bleed section (totally don't care) and miss the intro by our boys, but were able to sit down right as the movie started. Perfect timing.

OMG. Paul is awesome! Such a funny movie! There were so many references to alien films (that I got) and were brilliantly done, that it's hard not to love it. If you love these guys, period, you'd love the film. Just so much fun. The cameos are perfect and they each add their own comic timing that helps the movie along. It's realistic and fantastical, a perfect blend if you're really on the run from the government with an alien hitchhiker in the seat next to you. I mean, that always happens, right? If it does, I don't want to know. Aliens still freak me out, unless they are voiced by Seth Rogen.
I could go on and on about the film, but this isn't a review, and you need to see it. All that matters are these few things: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost. Okay, Kristin Wiig, Jason Bateman, Bill Hader, Jane Lynch and many more are in it too, with Greg "Undeclared" Mottola directing it.

They did a Q&A after the film with Pegg, Frost, Mottola, and Wiig. The second best panel I've ever seen. You can sense that Frost and Pegg really are best mates, and its makes everything that much more awesome. They were funny and entertaining, but didn't seem like they had to put on a show. They are just genuinely funny individuals. If we were in the same room, you could see the glow of happiness seep through my face.

Even after this amazing evening, I do have to say we left just a little bit bummed. Frost or Pegg, or anyone other cast members, did not make an appearance at the party. That's okay, though. I'll just save my uber nerd question for another day.

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