Friday, April 15, 2011


The concept of time is an interesting beast. Sometimes it feels like the day is dragging (like today) and other times it feels like it's flying by. You think back to when a year in your younger years was a LONG time, and now it's something that seems manageable. We all know that actual time doesn't change throughout the years, but it changes with age.

Ugh. Age. I am beginning to hate that word. I've actually hated it for a while now. It started back when I experienced ageism. Granted, I wasn't as "adult" as I thought I was at that time, but I also was as "childish" as they expected me to be. What, that is neither here nor there.
Age affects us in may different ways; from re-evaluating yourself and who you want to be and who you will be, to how you perceive certain things. This goes back to time.

I have no concept of age (again with age) of other people. I used to be pretty decent about guessing how old someone is. Now, I assume everyone younger than me is 12, maybe 15, and those older I'm afraid to ask cause then I feel like a loser. (Sarah Michelle Gellar is only 4 years older than me...Buffy is just a few years older....) I feel like I haven't done enough with my life at this point when others have. Okay, so they are all famous and were in the limelight since a young age, but still.
And when it comes to the kids younger than me, was I ever that bad? One second thought, don't answer that. I know I had my moments of stupidity with my friends, thinking we were cool for being loud. One thing I'm grateful for, though, is that the interwebs weren't a normal everyday part of my teenage years. I would not have been strong enough to deal with that shet.

Back on the topic of time.
I'm sitting here at work, having worked on the last chapters of a book, did a math test, and finished up several vocabulary pages. I still have an hour and half left of work. Ugh. And it's Friday, which makes it worse.
I just think when you look at how time is perceived at different moments of your life is interesting. Like the old saying goes, "Time flies when you're having fun."

I have no idea where my train of thought is going on this topic. I thought I would have something interesting and mystical to say, instead I just keep thinking, 'I'm just trying to make something cool out of the fact that I have an hour and a half left of work and am bored.'

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