Thursday, April 21, 2011


I never thought I'd actually use Twitter. I was totally against it when it first became popular. I thought it was stupid and didn't care about what over-privileged people thought of the world. Or maybe it was just because I didn't like Ashton and Demi's stupid tweets.

Fast forward just about 2 years later, and I'm on it.
I didn't mean for it to happen, and to my defense I had some legit reasons for joining.

The first one being that I joined last year during SXSW so I could keep up with my bff and found out where he was so I could hopefully be able to see him sometime that week. He also has some really great tweets about underground music, right before they pop. It's interesting and I love being able to see him 'work' when I'm not there.

The second, my in-law totally convinced me to get on based on our boys, Simon Pegg/Nick Frost/Edgar Wright, tweets. They are hilarious! I love those guys, and they have funny nerdy tweets. More so Pegg, but it's still great. Then, I'm totally up to date on their films and projects and in the know.

Those are find and all, but I never expected to start tweeting myself. Some of my friends and family are also tweeting, so it's a fun way to be stupid. Not to mention I don't have to censor myself on Twitter. I mean, my niece is on Facebook. Half the time I don't know what to post, and feel like I have to be funny or say something interesting. Most of the time I think I fail in that department.

Since joining, though, my list of people I follow has grown. I'm following quite a bit, and I'm constantly getting new posts. Most of them are either comedians or actors from my nerd love (like Buffy or Harry Potter). It's ridiculous how nerdy my list is. I heart it!

I think it's finally come into it's own, so I don't feel so bad for being on it. It's a way for people to inform you about projects, promote things, and a way for you to get fresh comedy daily. You feel closer to the celebs you love, and that's cool too. Although, they do keep a distance, which is appreciated. You don't want your fantasy personality of a particular person to be burst, ruins the fun.

So, while I never thought I'd be apart of this pop culture phenom, I am fully engaged.
When it comes to pop culture, though, are we ever really able to avoid it for long?

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